Artist Statement










Jo Fox trained and practised as a theatre designer. She subsequently transferred these three dimensional skills into a 2D format and began to produce her highly distinctive and thoughtful paintings. 

Following a Foundation at Exeter College of Art, Jo went on to study a degree in Theatre Design at Croydon College of Art and a postgraduate at the National Theatre Studios. 

Jo now lives and works in East Devon.  

Combining collage and paint, Jo Fox’s work is characterised by its narrative quality, the work combines collective fragments of textured paper which are painted enhanced and layered accordingly. Jo’s subtle use of colour evokes a timelessness and clarity in her contemporary paintings. 
The incorporation of figures within a multifaceted landscape is integral to the work. 

The inspiration for Jo Fox’s work is the abstract perception of her surroundings, that when interpreted through the medium of collage seeks to enhance the human form. 

Artists that have inspired Jo’s Contemporary paintings include Theatre Designers Tom Cairns, Antony Mcdonald, Hildegard  Bechtler together with artists Joan Eardley, Marlene Dumas and Egon Schiele. 

Since Jo began painting in 1996 her work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Royal West of England Academy the Discerning Eye Exhibition at the Mall Gallery in London. 
Since 2000 Jo Fox has become much sought after at the major Art Fairs in London and New York.  

Jo Fox’s work is fascinating and beguiling with a sense of intensive workmanship and skill.